The simple way to track your drivers / vehicles

No installs, no apps, no extra devices and no hidden spyware.

  • Locate delivery vehicles & drivers
  • Monitor your taxi fleet
  • Real time tracking
  • Email alerts
  • Simple, ethical mobile device location and tracking
  • Only you can see the tracking data - it's totally PRIVATE

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I TRAK IT is based in Gloucestershire.
Telephone : 01453 753039

Get your own unlimited tracking system
for just £5 per month.


  • Simple to use and completely private
  • Track and locate your drivers / vehicles in real time
  • Unlimited devices / vehicles to be tracked
  • Email alerts
  • Map and street view
  • All data deleted after 7 days
  • NO information is shared with anyone else - GUARANTEED

How it works

Sign up and you receive 2 web addresses :-

Ask the person you wish to track to visit the first address and agree to having their location revealed.

You visit the second address to monitor all devices in your password protected administration area...... It's that simple.



Why you should use it

Don't want a generic smartphone app ? or a gadget in your vehicle ? if so our simple web app is perfect for you.

Want someone to know your location ?

  • what you might do is open a map app on your device, then make a phone call describing where you are
  • ITRAKIT combines these operations into one simple event.

  • You might already have a dedicated tracking app on your device
  • but do you really know who's monitoring your location ?

Not sure where you are or need to send an SOS ?

  • There are lots of map apps but how do you give your location to someone you trust ?
  • go to your tracking page and let ITRAKIT send an email alert with your location.